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Sleepy Lagoon* by Harry James, 1943
I did research on Red Skelton for weeks before I made
this tribute to him. I was surprised that so few
pictures of him were available and most that were,
were either very small or of bad quality. This page
took me the longest because I had to work on each
photo to make it presentable. I couldn't find any
photo's of him before the age of 22, but the ones I did
find and worked on turned out well I think. I hope you
enjoy this trip thru his career...Please enjoy.
Click on the photo below to go to my website on Red
Skelton reciting the Pledge Of Allegiance. I made this
page last year when they were trying to take "
" out of the pledge.  He does a wondeful job
reciting the Pledge Of Allegiance and worth the time
to view it.....Thanks