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Simply Being You
For being there to comfort me when little
things go wrong,
For letting me discover things that you
knew all along.

For the tender hugs and kisses, the loving
things you do, I'd like to thank you Mother,
For Simply Being You!
For the times you're there to wipe away my
tears if they should fall,
When dreams would wake me late at night,
you'd always hear me call,

And when I need someone to listen and I
don't know what to do......
For these times, I thank you Mother,
For Simply Being You!
You're the best friend I have ever known,
You've shared my joys and fears,
And the love that binds our hearts, just
seems to grow from year to year.

You're my greatest inspiration, in
everything I do, there's no secret to the way
you are,
You're Simply Being You!
Isla Grant
"Bless all mothers, and the hearts
of all mothers, today and
everyday, for their undying
unconditional love will substain
us everyday of our lives".