Welcome to the Bentley Women's Website. This website is
dedicated to all the women graduates of Livonia Bentley
High School, from 1950 to 1985.
Bentley Women is a group of women that graduated
from Bentley High School and meet once a month for
dinner. This is a new organization born from four
friends, (hence the four women walking towards the
horizon), that hadn't seen each other in several years,
having lunch together. From four women to eight
women the following month, and now we are growing
and hope to continue growing. Bentley High School has
been torn down and another building has replaced it,
but from the ruins we forge forward into a new day and
with new hope and into a brighter future.

All Bentley women graduates are welcomed and we
hope that you will tell your other friends that have
graduated from Bentley about our club. Members are
not obligated to attend every month, but rather
whenever they can. Also, members that live out of state
or out of the area can attend the dinners if they let us
know what weekend they will be here and we will try
our best to arrange our dinner at that time. All dinners
will be on a Friday night, so far, but, being a new
organization, many things will probably change, but
for now, it'll be Friday nights at 6:30 p.m.
On the following links is the dinner schedule for next
month and information about the club plus other
interesting things about women.

I hope you enjoy this website created just for you.
The song playing is "A New World's Coming", by Cass Elliot
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